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Sash Window North London

Sash window repair, restoration, and double glazing.

Sash Window North London

Watching the evolution in sash windows has been quite fascinating for me over my lifetime, what with growing up in and around North London, quite the education. When I was a young boy we didn’t have draught proofing or double glazing. Common was the morning I would wake up glass panes frosted. The occasional cold front leaving beautiful icicles hanging so marvellously. On a practical level heavy gusts of icy wind would rattle my windows making it near on impossible to gain any advantage over the cold in my home, whatever I would spend on heating it. Now, with modern central heating and sash windows rated on a U-Value scale the transformation is quite amazing. I started working as a carpenter when I was a boy and fifteen years ago found sash windows. Since then I have only been involved with the repair, replacement, double glazing, and draught proofing of sash windows in and around North London.

Overhauling and repairing sash windows in and around North London has been ever so rewarding for me. Not financially so much, more the benefits I’ve brought to many a home – be it quality security improvements to sash windows and doors or noisy roads causing sleepless nights that I have solved with a combination of draught proofing and double glazing.Very satisfying indeed! In modern times we just can’t all say that about our jobs anymore. I’m an honest carpenter doing honest work, and I am proud of the high quality sash window repairs in North London.

Do you require sash window repairs in North London, perhaps you require noise insulation, heat insulation, or a combination of all? I would be glad to hear from you and help. The way I do things is very straight forward with no games played on pricing. The first price you get is the honest carpenter price. No inflated sales team prices and sales. I just don’t believe sash windows should be that. Following on from my transparent pricing policy, please feel free to visit our page highlighting all sash window costs and services you might ever want. The numbers of course vary, this can be either way so ranges are provided to save us all some time.

I will always favour conservation over costly replacement. It’s a well known trade secret that timber quality has faltered over the years. We just can’t get the quality. If you’ve ever had the fortune of owning sash windows with old Oak sills you will understand exactly what I’m talking about. Replacement would be nothing short of a crime. At best they need surface rot removing and a quality timber splice or resin repair. The only way to get a high quality window nowadays is pay nothing short of an arm and a leg! That said we will always use existing joinery where we can. Typically we are installing draught proofing systems and refurbishing windows. Cutting out draughts has a dramatic effect on the overall warmth of your property. Don’t just take my word for it, you can try it! Simply tape up all the joints on your windows – meeting rails, parting bead, staff bead and of course the head of the window where the upper sash meets the frame. Feel the magic work. Heat will at last stay in your property. Of course this is fine but how do you open them after taping up? That’s what our overhaul and draught proofing system is for. Everything is hidden and rebated. We leave the windows looking as charming as before, just with a quality modern upgrade.

Sash window security is a major consideration of mine. Sash windows are a major entry point for any would be opportunist. Together is we all work out a way to install security bolts and a quality fastener, I honestly believe we could reduce home break in crime. This year it was announced that with police cut backs, a burglary may not even be handled. If we all installed uprated glazing along the lines of 6.4mm safety laminate, or perhaps 4mm toughened then combined with quality security hardware, entry would make an unbelievable disturbance, sure to attract the attention of neighbour and passer by alike.

If condensation is a problem I can normally install double glazed units within the original sash frame to considerably improve this situation. Typically clients that have last formation of moisture internally in bedroom windows will find this service improves condensation by around 90%. If we dry our clothing inside however, we must provide ventilation in order that we can reduce moisture content in the air. Humidity is a major force behind condensation and internal damage to sash and decoration alike. I’ll be glad to go through steps that can be taken to improve this onsite inspection.

Do you think we are on the same page? Feel free to pop me an email and let me see what I can do for you.