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About Us

About Us

North London Sash Windows are transparent, honest, and reliable sash window repair company. We will always make use of your valuable joinery wherever possible and certainly not look to push new windows on you. All too common is the theme of a replacement double glazing company thinly masked as a sash window repair company, offering repairs but then condemning windows for the benefit of entire replacement, leveraging upon the fact clients believe them to be sincere window restorers. Sadly sash window repairs has gone the same way as UPVC selling in recent years. We do not do this. Almost all, if not all, then 99% of the windows we quote on, we repair and that is fact. So this means the chances that you need entire replacement, when your instructed so by another company, is extremely unlikely when compared to our sash window restoration service. So please, if your windows are condemned by other sash window experts, even multiple companies, call us to see what we can do.

We will repair any sash window until it is no longer economically viable to do so. At what point this is no longer viable we leave to the client, however on our sash windows North London prices page you should be able to gauge the amount of work required on your windows. Our prices are listed because we are completely transparent with regards to our service. We do not feel the need for secrecy our holding information until quote is received. If your price differs from that on the price page, you can be sure there will be a reason for it and we will explain it thoroughly. You invite us into your home with good faith and we feel mutual respect and integrity on our end is an absolute must.