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Please take the time to review our price guide:

Full sash window overhaul and draught proof – £188.00 to £248.00. Typically standard windows are at the lower end of this band. Larger, more complicated windows attract the higher end.

Sash window sill replacement – £120.00 to £160.00. Again, normally the lower end however on occasion the rot extends to the requirement of replacing more than just the sill section.

Replacement sash single glazed – £170.00 to £300.00. There are a variety of factors such as soft or hardwood and the amount of glazing bar in the sash. A sash with little or no glazing bar and made of softwood will attract the lower end of the scale.

Full single glazed replacement – £1100.00 to £1400.00. Wood grade and amount of glazing bar being the main factors in the price range.

Full double glazed replacement – £1400.00 to £2200.00. Glazing type, wood quality, and style will effect the price. Typically a standard double glazed window with minimal glazing bar is the lower end of the scale.

Replacement lower rail of a sash – £80.00. We will splice out defective timber, to the point that if the rail requires entire replacement, we will do so. We make use of mortice and tenon and all repairs are long lasting, structurally sound, and primed and undercoated ready for decoration. Please note, the repair is primed and undercoated, not the entire sash.

Replacement meeting rail of a sash – £80.00. This is exactly the same service as listed above however being the meeting rail as opposed to the more common replacement of the lower rail(where water sits and weathering occurs more.).

Replacement upper rail of a sash – £80.00.